“I Need To Sell My House NOW!” John Gamboa buys houses

If you are a homeowner that needs to sell an unwanted house fast, John buys houses; he can pay cash and close quickly.

It doesn’t matter what condition the house is in. It may need a bunch of repairs, have a leaky roof, is red-tagged by the city, have bad plumbing, and broken windows. Maybe you just had some tenants leave the house in a deplorable condition and don’t want to deal with the headache of landlording anymore. Or maybe you inherited a home that old and dingy and need to get it off your hands.

Whatever the condition or situation, John will make a serious offer on your house within 3 days and can close as fast as 10 business. He buys houses no matter the situation or condition. Ugly, old, smelly, abandoned, needs repairs, code violations, vandalized. It doesn’t matter. In some cases even if you don’t have any equity or very little equity, he can structure an offer to buy your house.

Please consider him if you need to sell your house and are running out of options.


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