“I Need To Sell My House NOW!” John Gamboa buys houses

If you are a homeowner that needs to sell an unwanted house fast, John buys houses; he can pay cash and close quickly.

It doesn’t matter what condition the house is in. It may need a bunch of repairs, have a leaky roof, is red-tagged by the city, have bad plumbing, and broken windows. Maybe you just had some tenants leave the house in a deplorable condition and don’t want to deal with the headache of landlording anymore. Or maybe you inherited a home that old and dingy and need to get it off your hands.

Whatever the condition or situation, John will make a serious offer on your house within 3 days and can close as fast as 10 business. He buys houses no matter the situation or condition. Ugly, old, smelly, abandoned, needs repairs, code violations, vandalized. It doesn’t matter. In some cases even if you don’t have any equity or very little equity, he can structure an offer to buy your house.

Please consider him if you need to sell your house and are running out of options.

Benefits of selling to John Gamboa

If your house is in need of repair it is sometimes tough to get buyers who can close quickly. Most first time home buyers like the lower price but can get scared away if something about your home looks too daunting to fix. A lot of investors come in with really low cash offers. John Gamboa can offer CASH, but can pay closer to fair market value.

Why sell to me instead of going through a realtor? One of the best reasons is because of the 3% or higher commission that you’ll be charged to list and get you’re house sold.

There are two sides to a transaction, the sell and the buy side. Both sides get paid commissions when a house is sold. Brokers and Agents represent the buyer and the seller. If the listing agent (the agent who is helping you, the seller) finds a buyer or the buyer goes directly to them, there is still a buy side commission. Basically the broker/agent gets 2 commissions.

Commissions paid out to them is money out of your pocket. If you sell to John, you don’ t pay commissions because he is not a Realtor, John is a home buyer, which can mean more CASH in your pocket.

Also, you don’t have to make any repairs to your home or have to dump out the garbage. John buys houses AS IS.

If you think he can help you and you need to sell your home, please consider selling to John Gamboa.

Thanks for reading!

John Gamboa buys houses

If you’re looking for an easy, no hassle way to sell your house, please consider selling to me. Fill out the Sell Your House contact form so someone from my office can call your right away. I generally can make an offer in a few minutes after we’ve asked a few questions about the property. I can pay cash and close quickly if needed and I can also buy on terms or anywhere in between – cash plus terms.

I primarily buy houses in and around Solano County and if you need to sell your house fast, I may be able to come up with an offer that works for you and your schedule. It doesn’t matter what condition the house is in. Foundation, plumbing, roof, framing, and any other problems are OK. Have you been red tagged for a code violation or have fines you don’t want to deal with? That’s OK too.

If your house is in any of the following cities and you need to sell it fast, please fill out the Sell Your House contact form and one of my staff will contact you right away. Give us as much information as possible about the house.

If you’re house is listed with a Real estate agent, I would like you please let them do what they do best to find you the you the best price you can get for your house. But if have tried that already and you just need someone to sell your house to right away, then I may be able to help.

Thanks for your time! Good luck!